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Seadoo pump adapter

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  • WTB Seadoo pump adapter

    Anyone have a seadoo pump adapter kit for the gpr hull that they want to sale

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    I have it all plus some extras. IM me and we can talk I'm also in Florida

    I have 2 pump adapters one complete bought from WFO here and the other just the plate. I have 2 drive lines, 2 extra spline adapters that just need to have the splines cut but have the threads. complete pump at this time 155 liner with custom 4 blade from inpros you can also just drop in a 159 liner and prop of choice. I ran 92 with the seadoo pump and 155 prop on a bad day with 15lbs. of boost but hooks better then the Yamaha pump and pulls hard in the mid. Yamaha pump is faster but I do brake my fair share of pumps and they cavatate when you take off pretty bad.
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