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Seadoo 140mm pump wedge

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  • Seadoo 140mm pump wedge

    Designed and made my own since they are non existent nowadays. http://https://www.ebay.com/itm/122734490498
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    Tech Library

    Ive been trying to code that but I didnt have much success. Basically, my idea is to always see the enemys town like if I were constantly using the x marks the spot, without having a full LOS - in which case, just activating the Spies tech would have been enough. So, here is what I coded, hopefully I can get your help :Tech A sets Tech B active and sets Tech C unobtainableTech B sets Tech C active and sets Tech A unobtainableTech C sets Tech A active and sets Tech B unobtainableTech A is activated just at start - in Age0Civ - and its effect is to reveal BuildingClass. An already active tech, if set active by a tech, has no effect, thats why I made them unobtainable first. That way, the tech is continuously set active-unobtainable-active-unobtainable... until the game ends. But strangely, it refuses to work. Any idea how I could fix this? Thanks in advance