Attention all Buyers and Sellers. Please read!
Due to unscrupulous sellers and multiple problems in the past with people buying items on this forum highly recommends that all sellers list their items on eBay and then post the link to your eBay ad here in our classifieds.

eBay is set up to handle a dispute situation between a buyer and seller, is not. cannot be held responsible for a deal gone bad.

Sellers, listing your item for sale on eBay benefits you in that you have it listed in two places and benefit's you in the event a dispute arises with a buyer.

Buyers, if you don't feel comfortable purchasing an item from a forum member ask him to list the item on eBay and then post the link here so that you can complete the purchase.

New Members
New members are not allowed to create new posts in the classifieds areas.

Access is earned by participation in the forums, that is, making contributory posts or replies...NOT one word posts like "+1" "agreed" "nice".

After you have the required number of posts (25) and 2 weeks have passed your account will automatically upgrade. We cannot make exceptions to this rule.

  • Commercial/Dealer sales are not allowed.

  • The HIN and Motor serial number must be listed in the sale of any ski, hull or motor. Photo evidence of this is required in the ad. Failure to post this will result in the ad being pulled.

  • Include year, model and complete description and price of parts for sale along with an accurate photo.

  • Do not duplicate your post in other sections.

  • Start a new thread don't piggyback your items on someone else's post.

  • Bump your thread no more than once a day, multiples will get them all deleted.

  • No Auctions, lotteries, drawings, games of chance. Only links to your eBay auction are allowed.

  • Skis and hulls must have titles and/or paperwork.

  • We do not allow sales or solicitation for titles.

  • Keep activity in the forum. PM's should be used for trading personal info, phone number and addresses.

  • If somebody says "Dibs" or they "want it" or "will take it" it is customary and expected to give them first chance and so on in order. Playing favorites or excluding someone will get you a bad rep and that will hinder future sales.

  • Stay positive when you reply and only those serious about the item should topic posts and extra chatter may be deleted.

  • Scamming, misrepresenting, non payment for parts received, parts delivered that do not meet the description etc. Basically do not pass crap on to the membership, post the faults let people make a decision with their eyes open. Follow through and treat others how you want to be treated, failure to do so or intensionally defrauding someone can result in your membership being terminated.

Just some advice about using the PayPal Personal option for purchases. When you use this option in a purchase you are saving the receiving person 2.99% PayPal fee, but you are giving up any buyer protection rights. If you do not know the person you are purchasing from, do not agree to do this type of transaction, pay the fee and have some recourse.

Originally authored by OsideBill.

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