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Need some thoughts on pricing my ski. Moved to appropriate forum

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  • FS Need some thoughts on pricing my ski. Moved to appropriate forum

    OK Gentlemen, moved to Classifieds as I thought I was ticking some of you off. My apologies. Just need some help as I can't find similar skis to compare mine to. Looking for a fair price to price the ski, that's all. Thank you!

    Hello gents. I know this should be in the classifieds and I'll move it, but I know I can get the exposure/opinions here. I'm in central Ohio and will be moving for work. Moving MORE north! That's another story. Wife doesn't want to drag the ski with us. Just looking for where I should fairly price the ski at.

    2018 Kawasaki Ultra LX w/ 2017 Continental trailer. Trailer has spare tire holder and spare.
    21 hours. ALWAYS stored indoors.
    Near perfect condition. Adult (50+) owned.
    Service records.
    2.75 hours (oil/filter) Blackstone report
    2.75 hours (Kawiperformance cooling check valve installed)
    11.50 hours (Oil/filter) Blackstone report
    11.50 (All hull fittings/hose clamps checked/torqued)
    16 hours (oil/filter)
    19 hours (Spark plugs NGK replaced)
    21 hours (Oil/filter)
    21 hours (All hull fittings/hose clamps checked)
    Depth finder and engine compartment blower added. Can be removed easily.
    Bilge pump added
    Clean Ohio title.

    Thanks for any suggestions. I just want to price it right and I want it to go to someone who will care for it like I did. Thanks for any help.

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    It sounds like you're a very meticulous person! I don't think you can accurately value a ski right now because of the market conditions. I would bring it to a dealer and get the opinion of a salesman. Yes, he/she will put a very low price on it but it will give you a starting point.
    2018 GTR-X 230
    2004 STX-15F race ski revived in 2016
    1998 GTX-RFI-original owner


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      I might do that. Thanks! I may just hold it until the spring when demand starts back up. Lol....OCD is more like it. I'm like that with all my vehicles. Just my thing I like to waste money on!!