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Splash guard - rub rails Pro785

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  • WTB - Parts Splash guard - rub rails Pro785

    For my 97 pro, need:

    Splash guard
    Front bumper
    Right rear bumper
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    Ill check the one I got from you im parting-I know it has the splash gaurd-have to check the rest. Worst comes to worst I used a new set of seadoo rub rails for the sides and rear on mine-fit perfect and looked great
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      I have the rub rails on my 97-785 that the top half was torn off in a race,
      I will have to drill the rivets out, the splash guard was sold already,
      see pic below of the ski,
      let me know what you think they are worth?
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        Just get a hydroturf splash guard
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          I asked about the splash guards on a 750 hull once and someone linked to Amazon.com with a splash guard that they said was for the PRO but should work on mine. May want to check there.
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            Hydro-Turf is the leader in the performance Jet Ski traction mat and PWC seat cover industries. Our custom kits are designed to fit a variety of popular OEMs, including Sea-Doo Jet Ski, Yamaha Waverunner, and Kawasaki Personal Watercaft. We use marine-grade EVA foam and upholstery for superior comfort and style.
            2023 FX Limited SVHO.
            2017 GP 1800 Stage 1+