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Project Polaris Three Seater For Towing

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  • WTB Project Polaris Three Seater For Towing

    Hi guys, I am hoping I can find someone here who has something like a Virage TX(i), Genesis, or MSX 140 that needs a bit of work. If it's fuel injected and the EMM is bad, I would just convert to carb, maybe sell the bad EMM as a core or something. I only really care that the whole thing is mostly there and the crank is still good. Hole in the hull, cylinder wall damage, etc. I'll take it. Don't need a trailer, either. I'd be fine repainting or whatever, too.

    I've been wanting something for personal use to go kneeboarding, wakeboarding, skiing, wake skating, tubing, etc behind. Not going to do anything sh*tty like turn around and part it out or sell it. Basket case is sort of ok, I fixed a basket case Pro 785. Anywhere around Chicago, Madison, and Milwaukee is good. I have a good amount of cash on hand for a project ski.

    Just looking for a good project to keep me busy for a while. Thanks.
    (2) 98 Pro 785 - 90 Superjet 650 (coffman exhaust, etc) - 95 750 SXI (R&D exhaust, ported, polished, etc)