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94' Polaris SL 750

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  • FS 94' Polaris SL 750

    Selling whole or parting out my 94 Polaris SL 750. It has a clean green title and had brand new Hydro Turf put on it 3-4 years ago, still looks great, hull could use some filler in areas. Previous owner didn't take too good of care of it, started making some rattling noise last year and wasn't sounding too good. Tore the cylinder heads off this year and found that one piston was wore, all them of them had a little wear, but should be replaced as a set anyway. Just have too many projects going right now. Everything worked well including the trim. Had it in the water this spring to test it, tore it down right after. Everything is up for grabs and I can pull pictures as required, I'll get the first few up this week hopefully.

    Carbs, rebuilt two years ago with triple outlet fuel pump - always winterized and ran great.
    E-box, still sealed, never opened
    All steering cables
    Reed cages with great condition reeds and reed stuffers
    Stock exhaust
    Trim nozzle
    Trim motor
    Good engine for rebuild
    Fuel tank
    Upgraded aluminum ring for fuel tank
    Fuel level sending unit

    Everything is there, send a message for your request and an offer on the part. Thank you!

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    You wouldn't by chance still have that Fuel Sending Unit off that '94 SL750, would you?