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Time has come: 2000 Virage TX (carb) Inop Currently Texas Plus a Trailer

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  • FS Time has come: 2000 Virage TX (carb) Inop Currently Texas Plus a Trailer

    I will work on getting more info (I have no idea on hours as my display hasn't worked in a while and I didn't pay attention before that.)

    2000 Virage TX (Red/White)
    I Would say less than 200 hours.
    Decent Cosmetic Shape.
    Renthal Bars
    Hot Seat Sponsons
    Prok Flame Arrestors
    Planet System Removed/Byspassed.
    Mirrors and Reverse System Removed.
    MFD died last year and I bypassed it. Ran like a champ with out it. Untillll. My sister backed them into the water with only one plug in. Oddly enough it turns over without the lanyard attached but will not tire. I does nothing with the lanyard attached. (The water was abouthalf way up the cases. None got into the fuel or motor. I drained, dried, and lubed everything. I simply don't have time to mess with it anymore. Either take it whole and use the motor for something or chase down the electrical problem.
    Includes a decent factory polaris cover.
    Texas Title in my Name.

    (I should have a box with all the planet stuff, stock mirrors, and stock sponsons I just haven't looked in years.)

    Also have a sport hauler double trailer. It's got some rust but it's still structurally fine. Has a diamond plate storage box on the front painted black. Trailer is Black, Wheels are Black. I like black.
    Texas Title in my name.

    $800 or trade for a nice single that will fit my MSX140.

    All located at the Lakehouse about 1.5 hrs south from DFW. I will pull it all back to town for a serious buyer.

    Text for pictures. Trey 214-507-3483
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    Originally posted by K447
    Carburetor or fuel injected motor?

    1200, correct?
    Carbed and 1200. Sorry, should have put that info in there.


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      Where are you located? Interested.


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        Since I was asked... It's $800 obo for the Ski and $800 firmish for the trailer. Not together.


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          $600 for the ski, $600 for the trailer.

          $1000 together.

          Much lower and I'll probably keep it for when I have spare time.


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            I need to add some current pictures but these are back up for sale and this time with our MSX140 as well.

            I ordered the part I believe is keeping the virage from running so the price will increase a bit if it fires.

            As they sit in my driveway:
            2004 MSX140 (Grey/Dark Red) I'll pull the hours off tomorrow, shouldn't be more than a few hundred)... Very Nice Shape Cosmetically for the Age. Runs Great
            Virage TX and Double Trailer Described above.
            Nice Polaris Facotry Covers for Both.
            Titles in Hand for Both Skis.

            I'll add some more pictures and info in the next few days.