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99 GSX Limited 951 - all for $900 or part out

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  • FS 99 GSX Limited 951 - all for $900 or part out

    Have 99 GSX limited (red) I need to part out.Most parts available. let me know what you are looking for.Will sell entire machine for 900. Great condition if doing a rebuild.Only thing wrong is gear that starter goes through enter motor is fixed in motor plate and I could not get out (maybe you can).Have new starter to go wit it.Have parts to do a oil tank blockoff (was in the middle of that), but also have good oil talk not installed yet if you would rather go back to oil separate.Contact me for detailed pics. Happy to send. ([email protected])Have extra MPEM also for it. Thought one was causing a problem but it wasnt. Has already bought another. Will sell both with respective keys.As-IsCharlottesville, VA if parts too big to ship. (motor, body, gas tank, etc)

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    How much for the crankshaft? If it’s any good


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      Originally posted by ldmoore87
      How much for the crankshaft? If it's any good
      I assume its good. But has not been rebuilt. Have never opened motor, only pulled carbs and seen pistons.
      Is ti easy to get out? I could give it to you for 100 plus shipping if its easy to get out.


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        Would you sell just the seat?


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          Whats left?