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2018 RXTX 300 Stage 3

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  • SOLD 2018 RXTX 300 Stage 3

    My 2018 RXTX 300 with around 65 hours is for sale. It’s a very clean ski. Ski only but could work something out with the Triton Elite single that it’s on currently. If Riva’s lake is salt water that is the only time it has been in salt water. It’s the Silver and Red model with sound and depth finder. I’m Looking to get a Fish Pro Trophy.

    Riva Steering System With Housings
    Riva Valve Train upgrade with springs
    Riva High flow fuel pump and regulator
    Riva Racing Camshaft
    Riva Intercooler with Silicone Hoses
    Riva XX Charger
    Riva Intake Manifold Girdle
    Riva VT-1100 Injectors
    PLX O2 sensor with Gauge
    Riva Thru Hull Exhaust
    Riva Sponsons
    Riva Catch Can
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