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Modded 1200 96 Raider for sale

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  • FS Modded 1200 96 Raider for sale

    I use to post on this forum a lot and the build for this ski can be found by searching junkyard dogs raider project.
    Asking 4k
    1200 bored out to 85.5
    Reported cylinders from mild to race specs
    195 psi pro-tec billet head
    1200 pro-tec cdi w/o limiter
    1100 flywheel lightened to 1200 specs
    3 deg keyway
    lamey ported and filled cases
    t/w stock crank
    ported and lightend pistons
    riva custom intake ported and resized to match carbs
    billet 48 buckshot race carbs w/ fa's
    jetworks mod
    cutout stock intake
    shortey pro tec plate
    14\20 j prop

    Please send me an email at [email protected] if interested.
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    He who is drowned, is not troubled by the rain.

    96 Raider - 69.2 single pipe