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2004 GP1300R - Kerry Hibdon and Lowell Horning 1390ÔÇÖs skis for sale

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  • FS 2004 GP1300R - Kerry Hibdon and Lowell Horning 1390ÔÇÖs skis for sale

    If anyone is in the market for a highly modified GP1300R please message me. A dear friend passed away (many of the OG guys here will know these skis) and I am helping his wife sell the skis. Both 2004's. One is a single pipe 1390 with black jack carbs, built by Kerry Hibdon. The second is a factory triple pipe 1390 with full spectrum carbs built by Lowell Horning. Extremely clean skis with very few hours and top of the line parts.

    I really prefer not to deal with tire kickers. Both skis are the pinnacle of the GPR platform for both single pipe and triple pipe.

    Please message me and I will be happy to send you pictures and talk with you over the phone.

    Mods please delete if this is against the classified rules.

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    you are okay, but at least post a starting price
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      1390 triple pipe GPR

      Hello, I might be interested in the Triple pipe GPR if still available. Please let me know