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2000 GP1200R & 2003 Polaris Virage

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  • 2000 GP1200R & 2003 Polaris Virage

    Thinking about selling these:

    2000 Yamaha GP1200R
    -71 Hours
    -Service Manual

    2003 Polaris Virage
    -51 Hours
    -Service Manual

    I also have a double trailer that is in an acceptable condition...

    How much do you think I could get?

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    Both ski's are running good now.

    Only problem with the Yamaha is a sticky throttle due to the bushing(s) in the carbs. I plan on having it fixed before a possible sale Everything else is great on it. Two previous owners, they ran it in fresh water. I am the first owner to run in salt water. I flush it out after EVERY ride, hose around the intake grate, spray corrosion block on all major metal parts, and tip the trailer up to get the water off the mats. Top speed- 65 on the speedo.

    As for the Polaris, it runs but has low acceleration (and sometimes bogging) due to the electrical. I have the parts to fix it on the way. One previous owner. Flooded it, and had to buy a brand new Electrical box. I do the same with this ski after every ride. Top Speed- ~52 on speedo.

    Please don't PM me with offers. I am just curious what I could get for these, and if it is a good price I might sell...


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      Sorry last part of the post might have been kind of misleading. I would like people send me estimates or post them here... Sorry