A few simple guidelines to help us along.

  • The HIN and Motor serial number must be listed in the sale of any ski, hull or motor. Photo evidence of this is required in the ad. Failure to post this will result in the ad being pulled.
  • Members will have to have made over 50 posts before you can sell or create a new post in the classified sections. This is being done to protect our members so please consider contributing and participating in the forums before using the classified sections. added 12/16/08 (Current active threads that do not meet this criteria will not be removed)
  • Please post F/S (for sale) or WTB (want to buy) in your title.
  • Please post pictures and location of ski for sale.
  • We do not allow skis without titles or paperwork to be sold here.
  • We do not allow sales or solicitation for titles only here.
  • Please post only whole skis in this section no parts or parting out please. Bare hulls are considered parts
  • If you sell your ski please state it on the thread.
  • All threads that reach 60 days without activity are automatically deleted.
Edit: I want add that post should be positive on sale threads, anyone unnecessarily discrediting or posting negative stuff will have the posts removed. Lets be fair people.