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rapid's 4-TEC RXPL pump udgrade results

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    Very impressive Daniel!! I am thinking about adding the RXP pump to my 951 xpl. I remember Dean doing this with great results.

    Please contact [email protected] for services and builds.

    100 in the 1/8th mile!!!


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      i like 2 c a 4-tec in a 01 or 02 951 gtx hull
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        Originally posted by Danny
        Its still exists, the hull of the 3D is the XPL hull...just a different top deck...
        Blah! I have ridden one of those 3ds and it just isn't the same. I mean it is like

        Either make a stand up,

        Or make a sit down,

        NOT half and half.

        I would buy another seadoo if they brought back the XPL style bike with 150 ish hp.
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          got my 15/19 scat 3 blade today.
          bummer im not going to be around this weekend to test it.

          was surprised it had a 4tec sticker in there... cool
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