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1.8 SHO Conversion help needed.

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  • 1.8 SHO Conversion help needed.

    Hey guys, looking for some direction on a new conversion. The ski is one of my old sport race hulls. It's actually a blaster 800. It's been a great ski, and had a few different power plants over the years. I raced it back in 2006-2010'sh years. It was a twin pipe 800 at that time. Great power back in the day! After racing I went to a Kawi 1100 engine mainly to get away from the maintenance of a twin pipe race gas ski. The 1100 ran on pump gas and almost had as much power as the 800. Last year I got bit by the four stroke bug and picked up a 15 F motor out of an sxr. Wow, The power was absolutely amazing. All that was done to the engine was an air filter and a reflash. Ski ripped out the hole and ran 64 mph @8300 rpm.

    But over the winter time this year my wheels were spinning again, thinking about dropping in An ultra supercharged motor. Problem was, the supercharger was too wide and wasn't even close to fitting in my hull. Then, I came across a deal on a 2012 FX SHO. The SHO motor is so much narrower that the Kawi. Mainly because of the intake. It fits in the hull pretty good, just need to clearance the bottom a bit.

    So my main question to you guys so far is what all should I do to this motor while I have it out? The ski is a sport boat, so it will never be a speed demon. Speed is not really what I'm after. It's holeshot. This will be a lake ski that runs Buoys. Mid 60's to 70 is all I need, with a wicked holeshot. Not really looking to spend a bunch of money, as the engine already has a good bid more hp than the 15f. But if it's worth it, I'll do it.

    Also have one problem that needs to be addressed. The driveline of this ski is all Kawi. Right now it has a Kawi SXR 15f driveshaft. Because the sho motor is so much longer, I want to push it back in the hull a little bit so it won't be nose heavy. This being the case. I need to cut and weld shaft. Anyone on here have any good sources to do this. We used to have a guy that did our driveshafts back I the day, but I can't find his number anymore.....😡 any help would be appreciated. I will post some pictures soon. Thanks!!!!!