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2020rxtx 300HP ACE engine into older Seadoo Hull

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  • 2020rxtx 300HP ACE engine into older Seadoo Hull

    Hello, I'm looking for guidance in swapping an engine from my 2020RXTX 300 into a older style hull, for example a 2013 Wake pro or RXP. My 300 hull is damaged beyond repair and I'm looking to buy a used hull and swap in the motor. Is this possible? What issues will I run into? Any tips will be helpful.


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    They're basically identical engines, just some minor differences in wiring and drivetrain but you have a complete donor ski. When you get your intercooler and exhaust water box mounted you may have to do some custom piping bends on your exhaust exit and supercharger piping. That's pretty damn minor.

    An old 2000's RXP with a full 300 conversion would be sick. And they're usually on marketplace cheap with dropped valves

    Or, you could go all in... find an GP1200r (or 800r or 1300r) hull with a blown engine and do a GP-RXP 300 conversion. You would need to weld up motor mounts and get a custom driveshaft and spacer to run your SeaDoo pump. But it would be insane... basically a 90 mph ski. I'm building one right now with a 255 drivetrain and Yamaha pump, I have a build thread going in this forum
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      The 2018+ 300 oil cooler wont fit in an older hull without removing some glass. Other then that you will have to do some Ecu tuning to remove IBR.


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        Sounds good! Thanks for your help!


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          You can also swap it into a Polaris msx hull as well and pick up some extra top end speed. Lighter and in my opinion better hull design for speed.
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            OR, you could put it into a Kawasaki Jet Mate hull. It won't be fast, but you're guaranteed to have an audience!
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