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GPRXP ... Water in intake, wheres the best place to mount the air filter?

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  • GPRXP ... Water in intake, wheres the best place to mount the air filter?

    Hello everyone,

    I've been shopping for a GPRXP build for awhile, hard to find one that's built to as clean as i would like it, i dont want to get into doing one myself as i have many other racecars to build and side businesses.

    Recently picked up a GPRXP off a friend, GP1200/rxp 255 engine, nothing out of ordinary all stock engine. Very clean build, clean hull and engine, friend did a lot of lake riding with it, just had a pipe off the SC intake with no filter.

    first time i rode it was pretty hard was out for like 4+ hours no issues. next time I took it out, was very choppy on the intercoastal here in Fl., sucked some water in, sounded like it was running 2 cylinders, so shut it off and towed it back 25 minutes to dock.

    took it home, flushed it with clean water, took pipe off from SC to TB and blew all the water out the intercooler. P/O put a needle valve on bottom of intercooler, this way you can crack it and see if the intercooler ever leaks since they do often, i cracked that and it poured water out.

    So then i took the IM off, cleaned out intake which had maybe 2 ounces of water in it, took plugs out, cranked it, WD40 everything, etc. dried it out for two days put it all back together. (i did not take the SC apart, just soaked with WD40)

    this time, i took my old Riva intake which is the SC adapter to dryer hose looking pipe, i cut 2' off, and ran the filter sticking straight up. then i sealed the FRUNK seal which was leaking, and made sure seat was tighter. i noticed if you spray a hose up under the seat, it will leak some water, not crazy but enough that if it dripped into the intake it would be too much (i stuck my head into the frunk area to see the water coming down, with a flash light).

    so i take it out yesterday, i was riding very light, chop was light nothing crazy. and got water in it again! argh. this time i didn't see a ton of water, just enough to make it sound like its missing, so i didnt rip the engine down again, i just took the pipes off to dry off and spray everything down.

    so now im thinking to run the intake to the front near the gas tank, immediately Aft of the gas tank, doing my hose test it seems like that area is dry.

    now if you ask me, if you even get so much as a teaspoon of water into your intake its going to be bad right? Luckily, i never hydrolocked an engine. my old Seadoo RXP (86 mph many mods) i would get water in all the time, the seat would soak up water and sponge it into the intake. back then i didnt really know what i was doing, i never even took the Intake apart, i just pulled plugs shot water out and ran the crap out of it. it was good to go after that. although i did have a lot of throttle body seizing issues on that ski.

    So here is my plan now, and would like to just put this out here to get some 2nd opinions on it

    1.) Seal the seat better. I'm going to go to lowes depot and get some stick on gasket for doors or whatever, maybe closed cell if i can find it, and just double up on the seat. ill do my hose test. Then i will order the actual seat gasket if i can find it and redo that when it ships in.
    2.) move the intake to the rear of the gas tank, it seems pretty dry there.
    3.) if that all works, that's great. if not, maybe 3D print some kind of water baffle for the intake.

    So the issue i have is that my "test" is driving the ski, and if it gets water, that's a failure point. however, I don't think its good to get water in the engine, and my guess is I've just been lucky I've never hydrolocked any engine (boat or vehicle). I may make a rig where I will put the GoPro in there with a light, and ride it around and see how the water comes in.

    Any input is appreciated. Thanks!

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    I’m going with rear air on mine. Have you pressure tested the intercooler yet?
    My GPRXP car frankenstein - Microsquirt, 137+4, LS injectors, R35 coils…


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      I solved this issue I had two problems at once. 1, i did have an intercooler leak, it was a weird intermittent kind of leak. so i just got in the french brand brass intercooler, a shop in florida told me they had one in their jet boat for 6 years and dont even flush it and its fine, they said OEM seadoo is the next best thing but those can break after 6-24 months as well. the problem with this brass core one is its super heavy. i need to completey redo my intercooler mount brackets, i want it to be easily removable for maintenace as well. the other problem i was getting water through the seat gasket. the gasket is old and smushed, i should buy another oem one, however i sealed it with this addhesive neoprene gasket i got off amazon, its like 3/8" thick and 1/2" wide i think, it worked great, the engine bay is so dry now. i also put painters tape on the bottom of the seat breathing holes, which helped keep some water off the engine bay area. i dont think i will relocate the air intake now. ill post some pics.