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those with 04 RXP's or 04 RXP ECU's in conversion skis and are only getting 7600 rpm

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  • those with 04 RXP's or 04 RXP ECU's in conversion skis and are only getting 7600 rpm

    If your RPM are locked down at 7600-7700 RPM you need to install the knock sensor piggy back adapter part number 278002050

    The reason i bring this up is I've talked to 3 people already this week that have this issue so hopefully this info can help someone else.

    What happens is any time the ECU is hooked up to BUDS a knock sensor update is loaded to the ECU (this ONLY pertains to 04 RXP ECU's)

    In addition to flashing this update to the ECU the dealer is supposed to install a pig tail harness between your stock wire harness and knock sensor connector. If this is not done your RPM's will be locked down to 7600-7700 RPM's

    Hope this helps
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    Well, thank you so much for explaining this to me today Jerry. I have been racking my brain wondering where I suddenly lost 300rpms. The motor ran 8100 when it was in the RXP. The motor only had 39 hours when I bought it.
    Installed it to do the conversion and it ran 7900rpms with a 14/21.5 pitch dynafly.

    So, I too it to the dealer to clear the pesky sensor and to clear the maintenance light. Well, from that point forward, I have not been able to pull the same RPMs as I did since March 3rd. I attributed it to either heat, humidity, ect....and even still too much pitch.

    Well, after seeing I could only muster up 7600-7650 rpms on occasion, with blips of 7700 if is came uphooked still had me baffled because I even depitched the impeller down to a 14/20.

    Well, after talking to Jerry about a 7600rpm mode discussed in Hallpass's thread, Jerry explained some things to me on how the 4-tec ECU works and the specifics on the 04 update. I assumed since my ski was an 04, it had the update. But nope, since it was a low hour ski (39 hours), it apparently has never been to the dealer to haev the BUDS plugged in for the software update.

    Well, my ECU finally got the BUDS plugged in when I took it in to have the VTS turned off. Well, JErry said, once an 04 get plugged in for the first time, after the update release, it automatically gets updated. But, if the knock sensor harness pigtail update is not done as well, the ski will no longer see the 8100 rpms it is suppose to. This was my problem the whole time.

    After talking to Jerry on the phone, he walked thru the process of locating the knock sensor connector and to see "if"I had the pigtail harness......nOPe....I did not have it. So, he provided me the part number and my local dealer had it for under 40.00.

    It is now installed and I am looking forward to testing it tomorrow if time allows. I have been battling these little gremlins now for months, but I am grateful to have the help of Jerry and this forum to figure things out.

    This may be a minor situation for some of you, but I am still learning this platform since doing this conversion.
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