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Waterbox modification

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  • Waterbox modification

    Seeing if anyone has any info on either modifying a waterbox or fabricating a new one that isn't just a gutted can with an inlet and outlet pipe. Looking for little more than stock but not as loud as a tdr. Ski is gpr sho conversion ski. I have (2) 1300r waterboxes, (1) 1200r waterbox and the stock fx sho mini keg waterbox to cut up and modify.

    I know how waterbox works with the height of the outlet pipe off the floor to control level of water in the box, same with the holes in the baffles control height of water in that chamber. And are a of holes or transfer tubes in baffles should be equal to or greater than the area of the inlet or outlet pipe.

    Anything else to making one work well and not be loud. I already did the gutted can before and hated it. So looking for some actual advice. I've seen the posts of modding a seadoo waterbox, the ones of taking hole Saw to the baffles in a Yamaha waterbox.

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    Take the 12R box cut the front off and take the inlet back as far towards the outlet as it will go and weld it back on and the box will function as normal and sound good not too loud.


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      Haven't taken a look inside but what's difference between 1200 and 1300 waterbox aside from the huge bread pan looking thing on the side looks like a tumor.

      I have my manifold modified (straightened) and have piece of tubing that fits the rubber coupler to be the entrance of the box.
      So your saying run the entrance pipe into the box as far back as it will go. Leaving the outlet in place and the baffles untouched. Wasn't sure if the 2 stroke waterboxes had restriction to them. Thanks for reply.


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        Just very quick glance inside through the inlet seems the 1300 box points the exhaust right at the cross over tube from one chamber to the rear chamber, where as the 1200 inlet points the exhaust at the waterbox floor. Outlet diameter on 1200 box is just a little smaller as well.


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          Cut the tube off that points down and any other obstructions.