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Tigershark? Engine swap to something more common (and powerful)

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  • Tigershark? Engine swap to something more common (and powerful)


    I built a classic style wood boat around a 1997 tigershark engine and jet. The thing is beautiful but I blew up the 1000 after my 4th ride. Separated the jug from the crankcase, tore up exhaust, intake, just about everything. Finding a usable 1000 has been rough..

    My question is: are there any motors out there that I could drop in that will mount to the impeller? The only piece of the hull i kept from the tigershark was the bend at the transom where the impeller bolts on. I built wood engine mounts and matched the transom angle to the jet ski transom angle. I have plenty of clearance all around but only an inch on the top before it would hit my deck.

    I'm trying to avoid ripping out the transom and starting fresh, just don't know how I can make the two different drive trains match up.

    Any thoughts from the jet gurus?

    A couple of pics from the build so you can see what I'm working with.
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