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2004 RXP 215 Hull with a 97 sl 1050 motor

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  • 2004 RXP 215 Hull with a 97 sl 1050 motor

    I bought 2 2004 RXP215 Sea Doo 1 with a blown engine - block is totaled also. The other runs but has had it's hull beaten pretty bad. I expect the reason I got them so cheap was to switch motors and then someone found out it's harder that it looks. I love the ride that the Seadoo has over my 97 sl1050. Would it be an easy swap to rip the sl1050 motor and put it into the SeaDoo ski? Nothing wrong with the sl1050 except faded. It starts and runs great. That's all I want for any of my skis so that when the kids come and borrow them I don't have to worry if they get stranded. I already deleted the oil pump from the sl 1050 and just run mixed fuel and also added an electric fuel pump to make sure it's getting enough fuel. So should I swap the SL1050 into the SeaDoo Hull? I'm not spending $4k for a new 215 motor, especially with out a core to trade in.

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    Anything is possible, but that swap maybe pretty close to impossible.
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      So, you have TWO RXPs? One with a blown engine, the other has a beat up hull?

      It would be a helluva lot easier to put a SeaDoo engine into a SeaDoo hull, especially if it's the same type of hull. I don't understand why you would even consider putting a Polaris engine in it.

      Will the kids be the primary riders? If so, who cares what they look like?
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