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GPRXP Fuel Tank Installation

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    Looks good Mikey!

    Remeber when putting the pump in that the plug will face forward now and the little arrow points at the filler tube.

    Please contact [email protected] for services and builds.

    100 in the 1/8th mile!!!


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      for the gprxp we did just used the fx140 tank we had laying around in an old hull, fits right in and doesn't have the spot for the oil tank, more fuel capacity. and removed the yamaha fuel pump asy and the seadoo one dropped right in. this seems far simpler that the seadoo tank in yami hull. use what yamaha already has from a 4 stroke ski. i dunno maybe we just got lucky.

      anyone know how to put a bolt in sending unit such as the seadoo fuel asy into a tank that didn't have a fuel pump. but has a sender like most seadoo's and yamaha's have. for instance 4 stroke, rfi, or di fuel sender in an hx tank? looking for ideas on how to get the metal ring inside the tank with the studs to hold the pump in the tank. my thoughts are a 2 piece stainless ring with bolts welded to it to act as studs. then countersunk rivets to hold it to inside of tank beneath the hole cut in tank. then the sender held to the tank with gasket and nuts like normal.

      any thoughts, ideas are appreciated.


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        Hey guys finally got all my things back to build the gprxp. And I'm stuck already with the gas tank. Seen some people have to hear there's. Mine sits in good but kinda tilts towards the rear of the ski. Is this normal?


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          I have fitted a 2013 fx sho fuel tank into my 2008 gprxp , i have an 05 fuel pump from a seadoo . I modified the top area of the fuel pump and stainless bolt down bracket to fit it . It took me about 2 hours and was relatively easy and straight forward .
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