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GPRXP Parts Listing

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  • GPRXP Parts Listing

    Complements of Mark (Hydrotoys)
    This list can change so check the following link for updates

    Rxp Parts:
    • Complete Engine and wiring harness.
    • Gas Tank, 4 straps, 2 brackets,vents, and Pump.
    • Driveshaft for mid-shaft conversion
    • Main wiring harness.
    • Handlebar wiring harness.
    • Gauge and wiring harness.
    • Speedo and internal wiring. Cut 6" from connector.
    • Battery and cables.
    • PEM and bracket and sensors.
    • Temp sensor/buzzer
    • Switch housing.
    • Rear RXP engine mounts.
    • J-pipe and hoses
    • motor mount shims.
    • All the hoses.
    • Throttle Cable and finger or thumb Throttle.

    Gpr Parts:
    • GP12/13R Hull/Topdeck/Steering/Body panels/seat.
    • The GP800R hull has mounts in the wrong place, and hasn't been done yet.
    • 2000-2001 intermeddiate shaft.
    • Motor mount shims
    • Speedo and hull feedthru.
    • Entire pump tunnel. (2005 pump system is preferable)
    • 2" pump spacer and hardware.
    • 2" extension on steering and trim.
    • Gas tank vent system.

    • 2 bar grate. Either 800 or 1200.
    • Stock, R&D or Riva rideplate, modded for 1300r use.
    • TDR waterbox. Model MC-1
    • Riva 1300r free flow hose.
    • Solid front mount.
    • Oil catch can and fitting.
    • Rapid Accelerations Open Loop cooling plate and adaptor.
    • Jegs 2 gauge battery cable kit.
    • Pump Tunnel re-inforcement
    • Pressure relief valve. Either jetworks valves or drilled shoe.
    • Turn nozzle recommended.

    Conversion parts:
    • Engine Mounts
      • Material:
        1/4" Thickness
      • 304L: Common or 316L: Common in Marine.
      • Wire: AWS E/ER308 or 312 welding wire.

      • Amount: All in 1/4"SST
        Front mount:
        Left side:2" bar x6L"
        Right side:2" bar x6L"
        mid-support:2"x2" x14.2L" angle
      • Rear Port:
        top 2" bar x6L"
        bottom 2" bar x6L"
      • Rear starboard:
        Top 2" bar x 8L"
        Bottom 2"x3"angle x6L"
      • Tri-Mix Shielding gas

    • Mid shaft:
      • RXP driveshaft.
      • 2000-2001 intermeddiate shaft.
      • 2-6 week turn around time.
      • See midshaft contact post.

    • Battery tray support:
      • 1/8"x1"x1" L-bracket. Approx 3ft.
      • 1/8"x2"x2" L-bracket. Approx 1ft.
      • Rubber mat.
      • M6x30mm bolt.
      • Sheet SST metal 3"x8"

    • Mid-shaft support bearing support.
      • 1/8" aluminum plate, approx 6"x 10"
      • Bent to L-shaped bracket.
      • Water-feedthru pipe.

    • Air Intake.
      • 4"
        • SC size converter.
        • 4" x9" K/N filter.
        • 4" x6" straight piece.
        • 2x 4" clamps.
        • 1x 3" clamp.
        • gpr flexible tubing from front air intake to rear of ski.

      • Or the Riva RXP 3" system bolts right on.

    • Gas Tank
      • 2" coupler for filler hose.
      • Extra clamp.
      • Bottom corners of "front" of the rxp tank (which sits in hull backwards) need to be heat fitted to the hull.
      • RXP vent system (in/out seperate vents)

    While this list isn't perfect, you should be pretty close if you have all of these parts for the basic Vigilante. There are many different versions running many different parts. If you pay attention to the other threads in the performance area, you will see some are using a different driveshaft now, SD pumps, closed loop cooling, and other differences. None are better than others, but some are better for you.

    Updated 3/22/8

    To upgrade to a stage 2 or 3, you will need to make an intercooler mounting system.
    Last edited by Hydrotoys; 08-06-2009, 08:48 PM.
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