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GPRXP steering nozzle

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  • GPRXP steering nozzle

    Just curious as to how many of you plan on running the stock plastic sun baked nozzle to steer your conversions.

    I've gone to the R&D aluminum one for safety on my ported boat and suggest everyone here do the same thing. The UV breaks them down to a very brittle state. The covers most people use don't extend this far and put them in direct sunlight. At the very least buy a new plastic one if its over a year old.

    My .02.

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    good post Duke...I as well already have a R&D metal nozzle for my conversion boat...

    threw the stock plastic one in the garbage when i disassembled the ski to start the project.
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      I bought the R&D from the store here as well. I was on a ride with MRBTD last year when his exploded for no apparent reason. He wasn't WOT either just cruising along when ...poof!
      Anyway, like Steve said, mine went in the garbage shortly after being removed.
      Good tip/thread!
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        +1 for me too ooops I gues it would be +3 seeing I have built 3 of them now...
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          running my aluminum R&D I've had since 2001

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            R&D metal nozzle over here, thanks to Osidebill.
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