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How do you know when you have to much oil in you engine

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  • How do you know when you have to much oil in you engine

    Hi i just had my 2006 Honda Aquatrax Turbo serviced and when I checked the oil dip stick its showing full. I thought this was a dry sump where in order to check the oil you need to run the ski for a few minutes then check it. ?

    Even when its cold its showing full is this rite. Before I had the service when the ski was cold and I check the dip stick it shows no oil until i warm the ski up.

    So what is normal ?

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    This post i did about oil checking AKA (Nitro Method) and other info is all you need.

    Follow the procedure and you will know how to properly check your Honda oil Level along with capacity's and other pertinent information..

    Now the Nitro oil check. (also known as the Nitro Method)

    1) wait 12 hrs
    2) Level engine
    3) take dipstick out of front sump
    4) put dipstick in rear sump hole (lower oil cap near turbo)
    5) Read Stick.

    Checking the oil any other way is a waste of time. if you saw the set-up inside and the oil routing you would understand that it just cant be checked right. the Nitro method is the only real way to get an accurate reading.

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