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Nitro's waste gate solenoid super quick check procedure

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    Hey Nitro,
    working on my buddies o4 F12x. Goes into limp mode over 5K rpm, same with my wifes. checked the WGS cant blow, so its ok. however, pulled the connector off it and put a meter to the plug at idle, only getting 3.2 volts at idle. what next. skis run great until you push em above 5k for more than 8 sec or so then go into limp mode. pull the lanyard and you can ride all day long as you dont push it past 5k. you have any suggestions. vacume lines are clear, restrictor pill in turbo line is clear, both have new WSG actuators, and they are working properly. been dealing with this gremlin now for over a year. New harness on the wifes and ECM. pulling my last few hairs out on this one.

    Originally posted by NitroShark
    Measure and see if you have 8VDC (when at idle) at the connection. Sounds like you don't. If you don't, replace the solenoid because the coil is bad, but this is uncommon.

    Most likely you have a corrosion issue with your wiring not sending any voltage to the solenoid..

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      so I pull the plug off the solenoid, to be clear here, I'm testing the voltage at the plug, while running.
      Exactly what I did, and, Im getting only 3.2 volts DC.

      My question is, in doing so, how does this tell you the solenoid is bad if all your measuring is the voltage coming
      to the solenoid? My next move would be to find why im not getting 8V to the solenoid, if that's whats required for
      it to operate properly.
      06 R12X Macsboost, IC, intake, pump wedge, Solas Prop, Intake grade mod, Plenum spacer, boost guage
      04 F12X & 05 gps scape F12X stock for now.


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        Thank you for your post. I have a 2006 Honda aquatrax f-12x that wasn't reaching top speed. The RPM's were only hitting 5200 and the top speed was about 52 mph. I just used your technique to realize that my wgs wasn't working. I borrowed my friends wgs from his 2003 f-12x and installed it in mine to help trouble shoot. Now I'm hitting 6000 rpms and about 60 mph. I am going to order a new one today!


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          Jamasta its well worth the money.
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            Originally posted by JRINJAX
            The actuator is very stiff the spring does not begin to open until about 8PSI. It is much easier to check with compressed air as long as you don't overpressurize it. If you could move it, it is not seized up.
            If you could not blow through the WGS while running at Idle, it is bad. If it's under warranty, have them replace it, if not you can carefully open the twist-tabs on it and free it up with some CRC 656 like I did. Sometimes they are beyond repair if they are corroded severely or the tabs have been twisted before.
            Hey JR,

            I'm new to this forum but I seem to be experiencing the actuator being stuck shut. These are the symptoms of the jet ski: I'm having with my 2001 Honda Aquatrax F12x turbo. Jet ski runs fine from 0-35MPH and when I hit 35+ (right around when the turbo kicks in) I get the FI light blinking at me and bogged down power. Once power down and turn back on the light turns off and runs perfect at low speeds. The only time I can get the light to turn on is at high speeds, I don't want to damage anything in the engine or turbo. I have had the battery replaced, spark plugs replaced and changed oil and the problem still persists.
            Through my research I have compared to other cases on the internet and and I think it could be a wastegate problem. This ski has been run in fresh water and in salt water. If anyone has any feedback on where I should go from here it would be greatly appreciated.

            I went to check out the WGS today and I could not blow through the hose that is hooked up to it so it seems to tell me that it is stuck shut. I put liquid wrench penetrating oil all over the actuator and then followed up with some grease. Ive been trying to get to the bottom of this for a while now and it is quite irritating. I also checked and my turbo is free spinning so thats a good sign.

            Attached are some pictures of the turbo/wastegate/actuator. Please let me know any feedback you can give.



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              Hello, I made Nitro procedure and I do not get to blow air through the engine started WGS.
              I removed the WGS and seemed ok, no signs of corrosion.
              I measured with a tester the WGS connector with the engine started and gave me 1.5 V-DC
              What is damaged, WGS, electrical installation?
              Should give 8 V-DC connector that comes from the ECM, or is it possible that in the 2007 model can provide lower voltage?
              My AquaTrax does not exceed 54 MPH at 6000 RPM GPS +/-


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                I have checked with the electrical installation tester from the ECM to the WGS connector is ok.
                I have checked the WGS with a 9 V battery and it works ok with this voltage.
                Well I placed the ECM connector, I started the engine and I rechecked 1.5 V connector on the WGS.
                I reconnect the WGS your connection, start the engine and feel vibrate WGS
                What's going on?
                Failure WGS? ECM failure?
                Can anyone tell me voltage from ECM to WGS
                I'll end up crazy
                Thanks very


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                  Originally posted by Squirl
                  hi guys new to the forum but have looked in a lot . i am over here is sunny england and have owned a honda f12x for 6 months or so now , been riding it a lot and did not realise that there was anything wrong with it no f1 lights nothing until i read this post . my ski is only hitting 5200 rpm and a top speed of 52 mph but after reading this post im down on power . so today i striped the solenoid down and this is what i came across (in the picture )but on mine the end of the white thing had snapped into the bottom of the solenoid .so here is my question should the middle with the rubber on it be welded to the big circle thing ,i to am only getting 3.5 volts to the solenoid i have no wiring problems all are fine . just trying to make it work as i am waiting for one to come across the pond .
                  cheers tim


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                    Hello, you have broken the WGS
                    You can not set an exact voltage of the ECM. Because the ECM is what sends a pulse to measure it requires an oscilloscope.
                    Mine gives 2 volts and is ok.
                    Change the WGS