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Starter Magnetic Switch/ Starter relay location

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  • Starter Magnetic Switch/ Starter relay location

    Never had a problem with my 2005 R-12X until I decided to take it out on the water to make sure it was running the way it is suppose to before posting an online ad to sell it. Does the beep when you pull the kill switch out and you can hear the fuel pump prime. After that nothing at all.. Thought it was the main relay which I already replaced and nothing. Battery is good and when I try to start the wave runner no power is drawn for it for the starter so I am figuring it is the starter relay now. My question is where is it? I have been trying to find it and thought I would ask before I start taking items out searching for it. Guessing it is under the intake manifold? i sure hope not

    Thanks in advance!

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    Found the relay next to the battery and main relay.