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New to Honda - Differences in their Models?

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  • New to Honda - Differences in their Models?

    I am thinking of moving into a Honda PWC but am totally uneducated in the different models in their line-up. Could someone provide a quick overview? I have been exclusively a Polaris user up to this point. All sellers of Hondas rave about their reliability but obviously from the forums they have their issues too. Is there a 100 hour rebuild interval for turbo models? If so is that a full replacement? Could I do it myself? Seems like quite a few are up for sale just under 100 or slightly above that hour interval.



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    I don't personally own a Honda. But my friends do. The first year was back in 2002 F-12 & F-12X turbo models, 2004 I believe was there first two seater version the R-12 & R-12x along with the F-12 models until 2008 with the new lineup the F-15 & F-15x with a bigger motor 1500cc. 2009 was there last year in production. The F-12 are more playful, lighter, less storage and not as good for crossing larger surf. The F-15's larger, more storage, a little faster top end not much. But in my opinion for the amount of time I have spent riding all of them not nearly as agile, playful or fun to ride in comparison to the F-12's. Both very reliable if taken care of, friend have never need to service the turbos. My fiend Kenny has 450+ hrs on his 2009 F-15X, and has had several of the F-12's with no problems. That's my 2 cent for what it's worth.

    Good luck in your search for your Honda
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      He pretty much covered it all except that the turbos need 91+ octane and N/A's only need 87. MPG is less with 87 though just like with an automobile.
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        I had a f-12x and it was a terribly wet ride and the wastegate actuator kept freezing up.
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          I own a 2006 f-12x with 145 hours on it. I bought it with 131 hours and I've had to replace the knock sensor and am awaiting a new ecu, if you go with a Honda ski, disconnect your power cables when storing or parking, when reading up on it I gathered that the computer is still operating as long as there is power going to it and in essence is collecting hours of operation even when not running. I got a fault code 25 (knock sensor) while riding and it would not operate normally over 2800 rpm so I replaced the knock sensor but still got the same code, did the research and found similar issues out there pointing to the ecu having to be replaced and also local sources pointing to broken Motor mounts. Other than this issue, I like the stability of if this ski. The ride is nice but on rougher water plan to get wet af even if you have a hydroguard, like I do. All depends what you are using it for I suppose. I use mines for fishing in Hawaii and you really have to wash them down and flush good with salt away or salt terminator and use a misting spray or a silicon based lubricant spray to coat your motor after each use. If you're using it for entertainment in fresh water I think your ski will be less problematic, Honda is not built very well for salt water and the Turbo and wastegate catches hell from the salt water air


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            These are all great responses. I will likely use the Honda for cruising a chain of lakes in freshwater. If I go with a turbo model, what is the extra intervals or maintenance that must be performed on that component? Is there a "goto" person/shop to repair ECUs? I see that listed in a few seller's details.

            Thanks riders!



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              I've owned quite a few Honda turbo skis and are my favorite "older" skis. Of course biggest thing issue is the ecu, so far I have not seen any "repairs" available, only to buy a new replacement. I had a junk ecu I tried breaking open and damn near impossible. Turbos, wastegates are actually pretty easy to replace if you have some mechanical knowledge. Most parts are usually easy to come by.