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2003 F-12x WGS pulse line

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  • 2003 F-12x WGS pulse line

    Hey guys, I'm new to the board, but I've got 4 aquatrax, 3 are 2007 and one is the old model. I have an open pulse line on the 2003's WGS, and I have no idea where it goes. The 2007 goes to the airbox tube, but the 2003 is different. I have felt around under the sub airbox and the block but I cant for the life of me find where this thing goes too. If someone could snap a pic of where the pulse line on the WGS goes I would very much appreciate it. The service manual I have is for the 2004-2007 so its of no help.

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    02-03 years just vent to atmosphere. Later years to the air box.
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      Thanks Nitro, I couldnt figure out where the heck this thing terminated at.