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Aquatrax wastegate solenoid HOW TO FIX (with pics)

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  • Aquatrax wastegate solenoid HOW TO FIX (with pics)

    This is my version of how to repair your original WASTEGATE SOLENOID.
    Dealer charge $115.- tax incl.
    I'm pretty much able to handle this kind of repairs because my business is somehow related. (bronenbergmotorwerks*com)

    So I had this issue after WOT for 10/20 seconds... F1 alarm triggers & sound start beeping forcing me to disconnect the kill switch for few seconds. Once rebooted it runs perfect again if I keep riding @ 40 mph or lower speed.

    1) I checked for electrical component failure. OK
    2) Manual activation on bench +8v OK
    3) Blow air through openings. OPEN NOT OK
    4) Pry open the valve and cleaned with brake cleaner, toothbrush & swab OK
    5) Assembled back and tested on bench OK
    6) Installed back to the ski and tested with engine running. OK (pulsing open/close)

    If it fails again... it's not because the valve itself but for all the oil/debrief getting pushed through the hose.
    So I do not consider it is necessary to replace the valve for a brand new (clean) one @ $115.-) but to add a inline small air filter instead might be the permanent solution.

    Good luck

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