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Whatever happened to this 94mph honda ive read pages on?

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    94 mph was more lies and stories from RAMON. I asked him and he denied that was him who post comment. that was a lie on RAMON, A.K.A PRO MOD. YAMAHA FZR IS WHAT I WANT I BELIEVE.


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      Originally posted by DRock View Post
      The intake grate has 5 bars. I cut out 1, 3, and 5. I left 2 and 4 in and smoothed everything back out. Helps slightly with hole shot, rough water hook up, and maybe .25-.5mph.

      You'll need an intercooler and a pinch more boost to turn it effectively. For your mods now, the stock impeller will be best all the way around. The 17/29 in stock form will slow you down about 1 mph+-, but you'll get a slightly better holeshot and better acceleration. Add an intercooler and more boost(16-18psi) and an 18/30 will serve you well, but it wouldn't hurt to take a degree or two out of the leading edge either.

      I've been told over and over the stock impeller repitched to your needs is the fastest period since it has longer blades and it will move more water out of the pump and keep the engine loaded up. I'm testing that theory this weekend with my stock impeller pitched to a true 17/30. I also think it will retain it's pitch at WOT. I think that's part of my problem with my current 18/30 with my new addition of mods; I added 3 degrees to the trailing edge this winter and am still bouncing off the limiter. If you pitch your impellers yourself you'll also find that the stock impeller is MUCH MUCH harder to pitch than a solas. It's like the stainless used is much less flexible which leads me to believe after a certain point of mods a solas deflects and looses pitch, taking load off the engine. We'll see after this weekend.

      I can say for certain that with: MB module, aftermarket intercooler, intake, and 17.5-19psi, you'll turn 6350-6480rpm in 80-90 degree water which is just about perfect. The limiter starts cutting in at 6500rpm.

      Did you ever end up putting this to the test?