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2006 aquatrax f12 electrical issue

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  • 2006 aquatrax f12 electrical issue

    Hey guys, ive got an issue on my honda it apeared after it sat and had some water in it, what happens is i get power to the 30amp main fuse and the 7.5 amp fuse next to it no other fuses get power. So when u put the lanyard on i get the dash to light up thats it. When i hit the starter button nothing happens. But when i jump power straight to the red and black wire coming out of the main relay i get the ski to turn on and run perfectly. I put a new main relay on it, not sure what else it can be. Any suggestions will be helpful, i attached a picture of the wiring diagram, outlining the red and black wire, the fuses that get no power and the fact that the ecm doesnt get any power either. Thank you
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    Found the issue! It came put that the green and black wire going to the guage cluster wasnt grounded, i cut it and added an external ground from the main relay going straight to the engine, the ski fired right up without any issues!


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      Where did you get the wiring diagram?