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04 aquatrax R12X wonÔÇÖt turn over, fuel pump wonÔÇÖt come on for start.

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  • 04 aquatrax R12X wonÔÇÖt turn over, fuel pump wonÔÇÖt come on for start.

    Ok I put this on the trailer 3 weeks ago and it ran great. Yesterday went to take it out and it does the double beep the gauge comes on but it won't turn over won't start the fuel pump sequence nothing! I have two of these machines so I started to swap out parts. First I swapped out the main relay then I swapped out the starter relay. I can jump the starter and it will turn over. I have connected a second ground so it's not a grounding issue. I have continuity from the switch to the starter relay. All of the fuses check out I have power to the 30 amp fuse but nothing else. I wondered if it was some sort of lockout feature so I ran the lock out override function, reset it to 999. I have not swapped out the rectifier but I don't see how that has anything to do with it. Te start switch functions correctly. I also swapped out the ecms. And the machine will not turn over still no power to the fuel pump and no turning over. I have spent about 6 hrs climbing all over this machine and I can't figure this thing out. Anyone got any thoughts? I have read the other posts on here on this subject but no answers that have worked?? What am I missing?? If you know something text me I'm working on It now for the next day. Thanks Tracy 801-230-3645.