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Main Relay Question - Control line from Gauge Cluster

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    Most times I take words litterally. To me the test "lock ECM", it's testing if in fact it is in lock mode,capable of lock mode.
    If you had the correct tool to remove the pin from the "weather tight" connector, removing the B/G wire and it's 5v would verify my theory.
    Most car "security" function is pretty simple, most just interupt the starter. Jump the starter and off you go.
    I think yours just keeps the fuse box from being powered up. The ECM does the thinking and cluster has the switch that keeps from grounding the relay. And if it has other electrical issues, likely that switch circuit is inop.
    You could also test the good ski to see how it's supposed to work. But I'm guessing your fedup with testing by now.


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      I hear ya.... I did swap ECM and still no difference. But the ECM from the "bad" ski worked perfectly fine in the "good ski". So unless there was an issue with the wire in the harness, I am not suspecting that the ECM is "thinking" that it should be locked, thus not telling the display to ground the relay control wire. Make sense?