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Turbo aquatrax dies as soon as throttle is engaged

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  • Turbo aquatrax dies as soon as throttle is engaged

    Hey guys, we’ve have recently picked up a second hand aquatrax turbo R-12x with approximately 29 hours on it. It came with some problems which we were aware of at time of purchase. Since buying it we have to replace the water run through section on the engine (excuse my very minimal knowledge of terminology), replaced a few O-rings for oil leaks and also new reverse cable as that was rusted stuck. Since doing all this work we have been troubles with the ski while on the water - as soon I go to engage the throttle it just cuts out, and Will usually take a few clicks to start up again then when it does start again we have the same problem of it cutting out. We never have this problem when it’s connected up to the hose in the backyard, we can basically hold it down at full revs when it’s just connected to the hose, as soon as it gets dropped in the water though it cuts out under same circumstances. Any ideas what this could be
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    Turbo seized?


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      could be old fuel. Honda turbos are very touchy with old or weak fuel.