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F15x Any performance mods still out there

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  • F15x Any performance mods still out there

    hi guys I'm new to the forum. I just picked up a 2008 F15x. It runs very well for stock but I need more speed out of it. No I'm not selling it for a newer ski. My question is there anyway to turn the boost up safe.

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    Can I use a manual boost controller with a boost gauge to set it to 15psi.


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      Idk if Ramon is still around. Heard he had a stroke. I think Macsboost may still be doing their thing. I have a VF22 turbo with intercooler, tial 50 mm BOV, rising rate FPR, cold air intake, pump wedge, modded ride plate and intake grate. I run low 80s on GPS at 15 PSI. Ski is a blast and never skips a beat set to 15 PSI. I do not suggest going higher than 15 PSI.


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        Any of those mods you can still buy


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          Ive been looking too, I just picked up 2 15x and sold 2 12x that I've had for years. All I've really found is the macsboost, but at $3900usd for the stage 2, doesnt seem worth it to me.