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F12X Water in Oil: NOW WHAT!

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  • F12X Water in Oil: NOW WHAT!

    So, Here's my situation . . . I have a 2007 F12X Turbo with 71hrs and only have had it out 4 or 5 times this summer and for short periods of time each time. I noticed on the 3rd or 4th ride that there was a hesitation in the throttle response from 30-32, up to the thrust of the turbo kicking in. Squeezing the throttle and the ski wouldn't budge above 32MPH, then I would let go of the throttle and gradually squeeze again and it would kick in. 4th ride it got worse, and most recently it just wouldn't go over 32 at all. Took the ski home immediately and checked the oil the next morning. MILKSHAKE MILKY! Definitely have water intrusion somewhere, and I have been advised from others that leaks at the intake manifold is common on these turbos due to corrosion from the inside out that eventually results in the water intrusion throughout the engine. now given the obvious of the oil condition I need to know what my next action/troubleshooting should be. Where do I go from here?

    1. Considered the less expensive approach first by flushing the engine of as much of the oil as possible by cycling through 3-4 oil changes. Followed by testing the ski on load to see if the acceleration kicks back in and then confirm the turbo is or isn't blown. -OR-
    2. (If Feasible/Possible) Remove the exhaust manifold, put a pressure test on it and see if there's a leak there as the culprit and proceed to correct and replace the exhaust manifold as needed, change the oil, then test the ski on-load.
    3. Have the engine AND manifold pulled, flush completely dry, replace the turbo assembly and re-install the engine and manifold, fresh oil and fluids, and test on-load.
    4. Attempt to find a local Powersports shop/tech that's familiar and experienced in working on Honda Aquatrax skis (very hard to find in Georgia at first look) and leave it to the shop to further troubleshoot and fix.

    So these are really the options I am considering now, as I really want to get my ski 100% and back on the water. given the low hours I don't want to give up on it and sell it for pennies on the dollar. I really would rather keep it, fix it, and know that its completely reliable and ride ready as long as I maintain it properly. I personally only ride on fresh lake water here in North Georgia on Lake Lanier, and try to stay consistent with my ski care after each ride, and off seasons year to year.

    I REALLY NEED SOME DIRECTION! Any advice on options or next steps would be greatly appreciated! Hope to gather as much input as possible and get my ski back to life. Willing to role up my sleeves and DIY if I need to, with the right directions and instructions. Thanks in advanced!