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My 2019 ultra 310r and 310x problems

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    'Same problem '17-310

    "I have the same problem, dealer has changed everything but the colour....new supercharger, new fuel pump, new belt and tension r, new plugs, new CDI....It is unfixable....I'm taken Kawasaki 2 task on this...Who is with me?"


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      Sounds like the same problem I'm having with a brand new '21 Ultra 310LX.


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        Man, WTF. I feel bad for all of you having this problem. I was close to buying new myself for a while but decided on second hand, very glad I did in light of the above. Or maybe this isn't an issue in Aus, not sure. But it is absolutely unacceptable for any company to have this going on. As soon as something like this comes up, it should result in a recall and all resources directed at sorting it ASAP.

        Good luck, hope you get a resolution soon.
        Kawasaki Ultra 310LX


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          I've read all the bitching and I still have not heard what the exact symptoms are. What exactly is the ski doing?

          Until you have 3 blown pistons and a hole through cylinder head you don't get to piss and moan. Hold it wide open! Clean her out!

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            I have same issue I think
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              Originally posted by wa2fst
              Hi Chris, I’m sad you lost your skis but glad you had a good outcome. I hardly ever come on this forum unless someone is really stuck as I’m busy enough as it is doing what I do. The answer to your fault is indeed the fuel pump assembly, of course I looked inside the ecu mapping first and 1 billion percent it is not the ecu, because it’s unchanged. Having been the one who found that same fault you had and it was replacing the fuel pump assembly that fixed it, I offered a simple and quick solution to tell your tech. testing the fuel pump it specs out perfect, replacing it and the problem disappeared. The tech guys at kmc are great and most are friends of mine too, but they don’t always get to find the problems first, we in the field often do. And yes I’ve taken a phone call on your skis from hq, personally I’m hoping that if they are there when I come over for the mark hahn I’ll buy one of yours cheap, stick a pump in it and go race. Which leads me to the last answer - would I buy a 2019 ski = oh hell yes, I have, I will again, and if I get the chance I’ll pick up one of your old ones too

              Gday wa2fst, I’ve just stumbled onto this forum looking for some answers to my issue.
              ‘I’ve recently purchased a 2021 310lx (6th Aug 2021) brand new here in Australia from a Kaw dealer near my home.

              I like most people on this thread that I’ve read just love the Kaw310 model over all other skis on the market currently.
              After I spent just on $28k AUD and on my 1st 310 I took delivery of my ski on a Friday afternoon and hit the water 1st think the next morning so excited with my new toy, but it was short lived as this is where I encounter this issue where the ski stalls and farts in rpm around 3500-4000rpm.
              I found that If I just punch the throttle it goes like a bullet all the way through the rev range with out missing a beat, no hesitation at all, simply hang on and enjoy the rush, but then again on deceleration around that cruise rpm of 3800-4000 rpm the ski farts, stumbles and nearly stalls.

              Not feeling comfortable on the ski for fear of causing any damage after 10 mins on the water I packed it up and headed home. Monday morn Back to the dealership to discuss the issue. 3 days later got the call saying all fixed and ready to be collected.

              WELL YEP YOU GUESSED IT, problem not fixed and still has fault.
              back to dealership again the following Monday to this time complain about the issue not fixed. From here I’ll cut the story short.

              The dealership was unable to give me an answer to the fix so I demanded a new replacement ski from Kaw, this was agreed to by Kaw so through the dealer a new 310lx was delivered last week, the dealer said that they would get it ready from me and also test ride it and then drop it off to my residence when completed, well I waited all day Friday for the call to say it’s all sorted but no call, I call the dealer on the Saturday morning only to be told that the replacement ski ALSO has the same problem. It’s now been 4 weeks since I picked up my ski and returned it to the dealer with less than 1 hour on the clock. I’m still waiting for an answer.!!!

              Im wondering have you had your problem fixed?

              cheers M


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                I too wonder if this issue hasn't been resolved, seems like people are still having the same problem. Kevin Shaw with PWC Journal said "there will be a new updated and refreshed line of supercharged jetski's released this week by Kawasaki" is what is instagram has stated. Wonder if it will be addressed???? Guess we may see this week. PWC Journal stated that have the "world exclusive release".


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                  A guy I know down the on the Gold Coast bought a new 310 the other week on my recommendation, and yep you guessed it, he is also having a hesitation problem mid rpm. I don't know exact specifics, but I would say it is the exact same problem detailed here.

                  I said to him the ECU is first port of call, but he hasn't taken it back yet so not sure how that will pan out.

                  Feeling ever more like I dodged a bullet buying my 2017 model second hand instead of a new one.

                  Has anyone with this issue in Aus taken their ski to Brisbane Kawasaki to check it out? He seems to know them better than anyone else, dealership wise. I have tried to convince old mate to take his there, but he wants to go back to his local Gold Coast dealer so god knows how long that will take to sort out.

                  Whatever the case, this really seems to be something that a whole lot of people at Kawasaki must know about, and yet keep trying to dodge and hope someone else will address. I have been in companies where this exact type of scenario plays out, and once it's endemic in a corporate culture, it is unlikely to be reversed without a major shakeup.
                  Kawasaki Ultra 310LX


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                    With the worldwide shortage of electronic chips, it may be a loooong time before corrected/updated ECMs become available.
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                      Does anyone on this thread know if this issue affects the Ultra LX (non supercharged) also? Seems like I am experiencing the same symptoms in my 2017 model.