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Impeller stuck to drive shaft

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  • Impeller stuck to drive shaft

    I just purchased an 08 ultra 250x. I has 57 hours on it. I haven't owned a pwc in 10 years. long story short. It has been sitting for 3 years. I was reading about them and decided to upgrade the pump while I was doing the tune up. I got everything unbolted. The pump came out just past the rubber seal and will not come completely off. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Check your water lines on the inside of the hull....the cooling lines may need to be disconnected....it will hold the pump just like your saying


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      Originally posted by Hurricane1000
      Check your water lines on the inside of the hull....the cooling lines may need to be disconnected....it will hold the pump just like your saying
      I have everything disconnected. It is stuck on the shaft for sure.


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        some directed lubricant+pblaster+heatgun+deathblow hammer+2x4+leverage. try to eyeball the joint from underneath the ski. wear googles.

        Don't be stingy with the lube or the heat, watch the hull. You'll likely damage the thru hull bearing, plan on replacing that

        some guys will put some tow straps on the pump and let a car pull the trailers ski hard enough to yank the pump out.

        I don't advise that btw

        removing the ride plate looks like an attractive option, but its a trap, very often the bolt inserts are corroded in the hull and the become a secondary repair when they break loose just as the bolt is going to come all the way out. Typical on kaws sitting for a while.

        first step, heat it, spray and pray

        then some harsh words and brute force. rinse and repeat before going nuclear

        it's possible to remove the engine coupler to get the shaft out, but that's a tough call to make and there is limited room when the engine is in.

        the shaft/prop connection might be stripped and that a tough cookie

        be prepared for the worst, and hope it doesn't turn into an all day affair

        I used a tool box and a ratchet strap to get a pump off once. I stick to the lube and heat now. don't ask
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          I had this same problem on both of my 2005 STX-12F's. I got the jet skis free with a trailer. They have not been taken care off and have been sitting for about 3 years.

          On the bad side, I had to cut the shaft on the one. The way the Kawasaki drive shaft is designed even taking the coupler off the shaft, the drive shaft will not come out of the hull penetration or drive shaft holder. Turns out my 20 Ton press could not even get the impeller off the drive shaft and my wear ring was so swelled up in the vane guide that the impeller did not come out of the vane guide without breaking the vane guide.

          The other with the great advice of grumpy_steve I pulled the pump shaft out, removed the vane guide bought a M16 x 1.50 - 80mm (I'm 95% sure that is the right size, I can check when I get home) bolt from McMaster-Carr, along with 3/8" steel balls. Sprayed a bunch of CRC Freeze-Off on the shaft through the impeller. Put one steel ball in threaded the M16 bolt (greased up threads real good) in and hit the bolt with my impact. Essentially, you are using the impeller threads to pull the impeller off the shaft by pushing on the end of the drive shaft or pushing the drive shaft out of the impeller with the steel ball and threads as the active force.

          You can also use the pump shaft instead of the M16 bolt but I would not recommend it because you can damage the threads on the pump shaft and then have to buy a new one. The bolt is cheap and McMaster-Carr delivery to me was almost the next day.

          I wish I took some pictures but I still have a jet pump off so I could once I get home if it doesn't make sense.


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            I don't mean to revive such an old thread but...New member here! I just purchased a 2010 Kawasaki STX-15F Jetski about 2 weeks ago and had this same problem. I stumbled across this thread when searching online for a solution.

            I just wanted to give a shoutout to @cato3 and @grumpy_steve. I purchased the suggested material from McMaster-Carr and sprayed with a bunch of PB Blaster. After taking the whole pump apart down to the impeller on the drive shaft, and it worked! I couldn't budge the impeller before this and I didn't even have to use my impact a nice big adjustable and my 1/2" drive ratchet did the trick.

            THANK YOU for the advise here!! Hope this push to the top helps someone else looking around for a solution.
            2010 Kawasaki JetSki STX-15F