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Ultra 150 - Oil Filling Up Cylinders and Carbs When Off

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  • Ultra 150 - Oil Filling Up Cylinders and Carbs When Off

    Hello Everyone! I picked up an 1200 STXR as a project. It hasn't run in a few years due to a seized pump. In order to pull the driveshaft (which is also seized on the bearing), I started to pull the motor a few days ago. I have had the throttle disconnected for at least a couple days, and in doing so it leaves the carbs in the open position. Today, when I finally pulled the carbs and the motor, the intake runners were full of 2 stroke oil. Is this because I had the carbs sitting in the open position and oil was slowly leaking down? Is the oil pump failing? Something else that I am not aware of? I would say it looked like about 1/2 quart that poured out (so far). I had just filled the oil tank all the way up. The ski is sitting on the trailer, with much of the time with the bow high up for me to wash it.

    Thanks for everyone's help so far! These are incredibly easy to work on...looking forward to getting it running!
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    No, leaving carbs open had nothing to do with the oil in the engine. Are you sure it was not in there when you got the ski?
    Crank seals may have failed and oil from balancer section has moved to the crankcase area.
    Every oil line has a check valve at the engine end, if one sticks open, oil will drain from tank into engine.
    So when your rebuilding it, check each one, also replace the oil lines as the become hard and crack.
    Oil pump is also not at fault.

    PS, you cannot go premix on the ultra engine, just an fyi.


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      Thanks for the tips! Just to clarify, the oil was in the intake runners and carburetors. The ski had been sitting for about 2 years. The oil was definitely entering the case through the carbs...when I pulled the carbs off to pull the engine there was a stream of oil off each one.

      I did have the ski on the trailer tilted back for an extended period of time (raising the oil tank above everything else)...would this be the culprit? I am reluctant to blame the crank seals at this point...would rather work from top down.

      I did read a different thread here (http://greenhulk.net/showthread.php?t=280781) where it seems to be the same issue I had. Ski sat for awhile, oil leaked down. Steve45 suggested that the oil just slowly leaked past the pop off valves. I might be better off cleaning everything up, changing all the oil lines, and running it...


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        If it was parked for a couple of years with the front end raised, then oil drainage into the engine would be expected. The valves aren't perfect, they seep a little and over that length of time, they will make a mess. Remove the spark plugs and cover the cylinders with an old rag, ground the spark plugs, crank the engine. It will make a huge mess, but you need to get the oil out before cranking it.

        I have a Yamaha boat that I parked 3 years ago and forgot about this possibility when I tried to crank it last month. Tore up the starter and the starter clutch.
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