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Wedge lifters/ lifter wedges?

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  • Wedge lifters/ lifter wedges?

    Where can I buy some? I would feel more comfy riding in rough water if I had some. Plz post here or message me much will be appreciated

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    Depending on where you are, I bought mine over the net but I bought 2 sets and doubled them up. Best bit of equipment you can get if you don't like taking off like superman.
    2012 ULTRA 300X GREEN....
    Spare wheel on trailer (powdercoated), Solas stickers (both sides), Mean looking green monster face (on the back), Bilge pump, Camera mount and Jettrim seatcover 147.3MPH
    Ohhh and by the way...mine leans to the right


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      We'll I'm in Florida, USA and I need me some I also plan on doubling them up for Beter help


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        Just order direct from hydro turf.i don't reccomed doubling them up if you come off your ski but you feet stay put broken ankles knees etc. just be aware.


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          Hydro-Turf is the leader in the performance Jet Ski traction mat and PWC seat cover industries. Our custom kits are designed to fit a variety of popular OEMs, including Sea-Doo Jet Ski, Yamaha Waverunner, and Kawasaki Personal Watercaft. We use marine-grade EVA foam and upholstery for superior comfort and style.