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Missing exhaust sealing rings

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  • Missing exhaust sealing rings

    Hello gurus,
    I have just replaced the lower exhaust in my stx15f and didn't know about the sealing rings. What happens if they are not installed? I'm guessing they are needed.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Yes. You must have them in order to stop exhaust leaks in the hull.


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      The rings aren't one of Kawasaki's better ideas, IMO. They are tight fitting and the least amount of corrosion will bind them and prevent sealing. I would install them (but they are a pain to get in place) but it will run without them too.
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        I don't know, as I've never tried to run without them. That said, I think that you would get leakage that may burn a hole in the blue hose.

        I've found that it's easier--no, less difficult--to remove the exhaust manifold, put the rings on the 4-1, slide the blue hose over the muffler inlet pipe, then slide the 4-1 into the muffler. Now, try to bolt the manifold to the 4-1, then bolt the manifold to the engine. Tighten the hose clamp last. I've done an STX-15F and an Ultra LX and found the STX was easier--well, less difficult and I lost less blood.
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          Thanks all.