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2023 310-LX Cover Options?

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  • 2023 310-LX Cover Options?

    Anyone find a good cover that fits? The Kawasaki covers don't seem to last long. I bought and aftermarket Sunbrella cover for my 300X many years ago and it is great. I tried one from the same place (National Covers) but it really doesn't fit well at all.

    I will need to order the Kawa version soon if I can't find a good alternative and I know it is only good for a few year.

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    Let me know if you find one that lasts > 2 years in direct sunlight. Mine turn to paper at the two year mark.
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      Yes, Sunbrella will last a long time, but hard to find. I just buy the 600 Denier covers off of Ebay for under $100. They usually last 2, maybe 3 seasons in the sun. Most of my 'Skis are under a carport, but not all. Don't worry about being 'towable'. You really don't want to tow your 'Ski with the cover on it. That's a good way to scratch the finish. If you get a cover that doesn't have a soft lining, it's a good idea to place a towel under it to protect the finish.
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        Ok, here is an update. First, I have had a Sunbrella cover on my 2012 300X since 2014 and it is still in GREAT condition. I was able to get the manufacturer off the tag and it is made by Carver. The covers are semi custom but the one on my 300x fits REALLY well.

        I checked a number of their dealer websites and couldn't find one for the 2022/2023 model years. I called Carver and they do have one listed on their website but don't sell direct. They suggested I call Covers Direct and give them the part number. The lady was super helpful, looked up the size of the 310lx for me and came up with same part number as I found on the Carver site.

        I'll post back on fit when I get it. Here are the details:

        Covers Direct - 866-626-8377
        Part # 4004A
        Price $449.87 plus tax (shipping free)

        It wasn't cheap but my other one has lasted so long that I think it is really worth it.


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          Update: Installed the above mentioned cover and it fits great. Very pleased with it.