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  • 550 build

    starting my first build so newbie question will be said, with that said this is what i have
    i bought a 87 js550 complete and a 78 440 hull for 300 together
    the 550 they said it has a bad starter but its good so i found out it was the silnoid so i ordered it.
    it has not been run in 2+ yrs but it is NOT locked up.
    it has an open west-coast intake, finger throttle , ocean pro ride plate , bilge pump.
    1. what should i do to get it rdy to run
    2.it has a messed up pump(can i use a 440 pump on it ) the wear ring is not there or can i take the 440 wear ring off
    3. when i get it running what mods should i get ?
    4 when i finish every thing what should i paint it and what paint and primer should i use
    5. when i took the pump out of the 440 it came off ezley but the impeller stayed attached to the shaft with a stick with some green slime on it. it wont come off. did i brake it? what should i do ?
    also looking for a js300, 440 550 650 750 850 engine and ebox
    will post better pics this weekend
    Click image for larger version

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