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STX1100DI after a dead display unit

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  • STX1100DI after a dead display unit

    Hi all,

    I have a STX1100DI with a slightly faulty display, I've had a look at the wiring diagram and I'm considering making a new display for it. Does anyone have a dead display they would like to sell. If I go ahead I will make a new PCB with a graphic LCD to replace the original. It doesn't matter if the PCB is a ball of corrosion, LCD cracked etc - all I need it for is drawing a PCB with the same dimensions, mounting points and PCB clearance. It will do everything the old one did except it will not lose the time\trip details when the battery is disconnected and I think I can sell them for around the $250 AU mark.

    The inputs are pretty limited, but if anyone thinks of anything extra it can do let me know - software is cheap! GPS, bluetooth spring to mind.

    Any thoughts?