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Kawasaki stx 12f no fuel on idle

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  • Kawasaki stx 12f no fuel on idle

    i have a 2005 Kawasaki stx 12f that i have been trying to get running for over a year. i rebuilt the engine and now it runs when you give it throttle but no idle . i replaced the fuel pump fuel relay and main ecu, but it does not give 12 volts to the fuel pump on startup. any ideas would be appreciated thanks

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    Welcome aboard, antfannyy!

    Kawasakis are bad about getting water in the electrical connectors. Take apart every electrical connector in the harness, including the terminators that don't seem to hook to anything, and carefully inspect them for loose, bent, and corroded contacts. A light and magnifying glass are helpful.

    EDIT: This may help: http://greenhulk.net/showthread.php?t=281195
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      thanks man ill check it out