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  • X2 assembly restoration?'s

    I'm having trouble figuring out half the stuff that goes back on this X2 especially the water boxes I don't have the factory water box but I've got a Kaufman's water box and a West Coast water box a PJs exhaust pipe and a cooker and two others that I'm not even sure about but anyway I can't figure out how to securely Mount the water box anyway if you guys could send me a picture of a West Coast or a coffman's that would be great.

    the caufmanns is more round with no feet like the westcoast box, which has larger feet to attach to the hull or rubber pads, but the rubber pads don't seem to fit either one securely? the rest of the ski is not a real issue, minus the electrical, im installing a 550 ebox/electrical instead of the 650 stuff like i did in my conversion ski. i just need dirt bike bars and fixed steer. and a gas tank, i must have lost it over the years and am going to weld up an aluminum one with the battery hold down possibly on the tank like the other guys.

    also, need impeller info? ive got several impellers laying around from a 15.5, 16, 16.5, nujets, solas, skat trak. the engine is ported, piped, and westcoast head around the 160psi mark if i remember correctly, i did raise the exhaust about 2mm and widened 70% of the bore, it ran great in the 550 hull but ran out of impeller with the 14/17 i was running but its a much smaller impeller comparted to the x2 pump/impeller.
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