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2000 Ultra 150 performance issue

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  • 2000 Ultra 150 performance issue

    I have intermittent performance issue, it it fires and feels like it runs on two cylinders maybe even one and then it feels like it slowly comes on to full power after riding it for five or 10 mins. Typically hours once it clears up it stays cleared up for the rest of the day. It is not the carbs, pulled them and checked them, they are clean. Has anyone else had this issue or any idea what else to check I was thinking maybe the coils are intermittently firing?

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    Sounds like fouled plugs to me. Mine did that when I let somebody else ride it and they were afraid to give it any throttle. After idling for 15-20 minutes it ran like crap and I had to change them. These engines were made to run fast.
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      Try a new set of plugs and see how you go 1st. NGK BR9ES are the plugs that you need to use for that model.