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First time owner & I sank my ski (what to do, and do it right away)

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    since most vintage Kawasaki skis I've had come in seem to have compromised electrical vaults it's a good thing to make note on the vulnerable state.

    It's unfortunate due to the Kawasaki design, the amount of hand labor (breaking down all the connectors to bare wire) involved in getting these cleaned up (even as a matter of convincing a customer that it is in their best interest to have the box watertight) becomes cost prohibitive, especially when the ski runs like a scalded rat mostly.

    Yamaha really did it far better, as much as a pain it is to get one of those put back together.

    I would nominate:

    The single most important thing about flooded skis is that they have to made to run within a day.

    The second most important thing is to put the spark plug caps on the grounding posts before starting the work.

    Third most important, of course, is:

    Try not to sink it!
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      What an awesome thread. I've seen someone sink their ski and they were in no hurry to recover it, mechanically. They asked me a bunch of questions about hull repairs even though they didn't think they had hit anything. I never saw the ski again. While reading this thread it struck me that it was a Kawi.
      Thanks for the lesson.